Welcome to my Site some of you know me some of you don't for those interested in one of my spear time activity please visit My Publications or My Personal Photoblog , if I have inspired your curiosity have a look on this site. Happy reading for all of you!

What I Do

I am currently coordinating research projects for an industry-driven European initiative that covers the area of telecommunications, new media, future internet, applications and services focusing on a smart connected world. Previously I was lecturing in the field of secure Mobile Systems and Embedded Systems at the University of Media, Germany. I am researching in the field of vehicular networks as a Phd Candidate at the University of the West of Scotland. Formerly I conducted research in the design of safe and secure multi-core real-time embedded operating systems. Thanks to my previous employer SYSGO (Thales Group) I had the chance to dive deep in the safe and secure real-time embedded world with highly skilled persons and within an international surrounding in Nagoya/Japan, Paris and Mainz.


Who I Am

I heard some people describing me as an IT girl. So as I am passionate in technical stuff this might be a good description for me ;-).


Say Hello.

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